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Since when was a debut album mixed by Prince’s house producer (Hans-Martin Buff) and mastered by a guy who has worked with every artist worth mentioning over the last five decades (Brian “Big Bass” Gardner) Barry L’Affair’s debut album SHY’N DIRTY is the answer.

Oozing with contemporary soul feeling that just rocks out, SHY’N DIRTY showcases Barry’s outrageous songwriting talent and pays homage to his influences while staying undeniably edgy and modern.

Barry L’Affair has been composing and making music since before he entered grade school. He grew up entranced by the sounds of the Bee Gees, Prince, Barry Gibb and all that was funky and authentic. Today, he is a songwriting and recording machine who lives for live performance.

Barry describes his new album as “A rollercoaster of emotions – you feel the dynamics and power of the songs. Every song tells its own story: cool and grooving but with a raw energy like waves crashing on a beach.”

Barry’s songs are born from powerful emotions: love, lust, passion, sex but also longing and sadness – every human touch point. Starting with a strong melody and tight lyrical idea, Barry and songwriting partner Dennis Korn craft them into a rocking modern funk that is irresistible on the dance floor and the perfect cruising or chilling soundtrack.

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